About Us


Initial Concept : Global warming and the consequences of many natural disasters are getting worse. The main reasons are deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. We realize that, the abundance forest area conservation and reforestation could help to reduce the impact. At least, expanding forest area will reduce CO2 and increase O2 and O3 which could relieve the intensity of global warming. Therefore, we initiated the project called "Sustainable Forest Park" as a prototype of forest and natural resource conservation, reforestation work in parallel with ecotourism and sustainable living in harmony with nature lifestyle which could be applied in the other part of the world. Advantage : We adopted "Blockchain Technology" and "Digital Coin" to apply with fundraising approach and create the “Self-Reliant Economy”. to make the concrete acknowledgement from within the project. This will help the public benefit projects, normally funded by donations or financial support from other sources. Which is difficult and not sustainable. Convert to a form that could manage the use of forest areas harmoniously while sustainable forest conservation can be done alongside with.


“Crowd Planting Application” could help to boost up the ForestCoin price and liquidity on the market. This future project, after ForestCoin being listed on exchange platforms. Contributors from anywhere in the world could support tree planting by giving us 10 USD per one tree and get ForestCoin in the value equivalent to 10 USD (at market price). Planters who hold ForestCoins at the value equivalent to 100 USD (at market price) or more can help us to plant the trees in their locations, then keep them alive for at least 1 year. As a result, the planters will receive ForestCoin as a reward in the value equivalent to 5 USD (at market price) per one tree they have planted and upload the photos of the trees on to the prepared system with a fixed coordinate of each particular tree. This is a new way of getting reward without consuming too much energy like other’s cryptography mining. On the other hand, tree planting could help to reduce global warming. The more ForestCoin they have the more chances they get rights to plant, which means the planters will have more chances to get rewards from ForestCoin’s Ecosystem. This will also stimulate the need to hold coins in the long run.