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A recent report found that unless bold climate action is taken in the next couple of years before 2020 it may become impossible to hold global warming below 1.5C. (2 degrees of global warming will be way worse than 1.5). We must do something.

Firstly, we are a [social enterprise] to save the forest operated by a non-profit organization. Everyone can help us develop good place for living with nature in a small and beautiful forest community to preserve the forest where everyone can come and live together. Main project income are from Onsen spa, accommodation fee, forest products such as aromatic oil, herbal medicine, honey, sun-dried banana and more to sell online and offline. Advisors and teams are a workgroup of former minister, former government directors, professer, doctors, lawyers, architectures and IT specialists.

Secondly, [crowd planting], an application that helps everyone in the world earn from planting tree anywhere. Planter gets reward for each tree that grows from 0 to 1 year (Green mining). Aiming Forest coin to be one of the famous global brand within a year 2020 with contributor's name on blockchain and social network in order to emphasize everyone to be concerned about global warming and planting trees and also for CSR purpose.

Famous national natural home architecture and Chiang Mai university architecture teacher, Chulaporn Nantapanich, is our main project architecture. Who has an extremely pure heart to bring primitive way of natural living back to Thai culture and for the world.

The forest is so beautiful.
How can we save it forever?

To reforestLiving with nature
Reduce CO2Free long stay
Forest marketGeyser and spring
Natural energyOnsen massage
O3coworking cafeCoin cafe
Eco sufficiencyHerbal forest
Weight controlMeditation center
Natural poolAdventure trekking
Lover treesNatural learning
PermacultureClean food lab
Green clinicKids IT training
Language villageRecycle

Natural conservation will be the major issue by the year 2020, 2035 and 2050. A recent report found that unless bold climate action is taken in the next couple of years before 2020 it may become impossible to hold global warming below 1.5C. (2 degrees of global warming will be way worse than 1.5)

Cost of food, wine, beer or fruit will be high due to lower agricultural productivity.

The new dimension of blending Blockchain Technology comply with living in harmony, balanced and sustainable with forests and natures is initiated to be part of the Paris Agreement's effort to mark a turning point in the battle against climate change.

To accomplish goal, short-term and medium-term revenue stream are required in order to reaffirm project sustainability.

Geyser and hot spring are unique natural treatment sources for our Japanese onsen which will be one of the best destination for tourists who plan for Chiang Rai trip. New onsen will be added to most of travel companies tour that can lead 2 million visitors per year to the extremely natural and beautiful private warm pool. Please hold forest coin for the privilege.

Income from onsen will be a main revenue to maintain conservation project (short term), but after 1-2 years the forest itself will generate revenue and forest coin usage for it own protection (medium term). Natural tourism and forest trekking will be more popular before 2020 and becomes rapidly indispensable to be in the project by 2025. Onsen helps improve blood circulation while Oxygen (Search youtube for "oxygen heal wound") and other several activities are good for health.

One of the most important objective is a school. Kids are future of humanity. Green school is one of the best natural environment school. Please visit "" for more detail. Educating the next generation of Green Leaders.

In addition, project value will increase because of new train track to China. Chiang Rai is very close to China , so chinese people will visit our forest and spend coin in our ecosystem. Approximately 5% of 1,379,000,000 people will visit our unique forest.

The land is 600-800 metres above sea level, so it is a safe place if sea level rise.

No hurricane, tornado, volcano, tsunami, snow and flood here. Moreover there is a very little chance of earthquake.

When natural disasters occur, people will realize an importance of nature protection.

25%Project's facilities
and activities
20%Land compensation
& forest restoration
20%Public relation &
marketing campaign
20%Team & advisors
10%Technical &
operating expenses
Phase I : 2018 Initial forest conservation area of 2,200 Rais (870 Acres) in Chiang Rai province which is declared as a degraded forest area. We're an organization that works together with several legal specialists under legal framework.

Phase II : 2019 Crowd planting application.

Phase II : 2019 Forest conservation and rehabilitation, reforestation, organic farming and diversified mixed farming.

Phase II : 2019 World large onsen incorporate with Japanese onsen investors. Aiming 2 million visitors per year in order to reaffirm project sustainability.(Click on photo)

Let's view google trend for "onsen" or "thailand travel" from China since 2004-2018.(Click on photo)
Phase III : 2019-2020 Natural tourism activities, ecotourism, promote a balanced and sustainable way of living with nature.

Phase IV : 2020 Free IT and language training for kids in order to initiate online working environment in the jungle. Also focus on several sustainable activities such as Yoga, meditation, weight control center and herbal research. And you can live here in forest community for free. Take a deep ozone breath for sustainable and healthy life.

Phase IV : 2020 To plant trees on 19,000,000 Rais (7,500,000 acres) degraded area with a permission from Thai Royal forest department.

April until August 2018
September until October 2018



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